If you ask me does life change or time changes, I don’t know; as in both, there is a change in your present state.

The best part is (that) the life before has changed with time. So, technically, change is the new change!

You cannot avoid or run away from change. If you do that, then change will never be able to change you for better or worse.

Either you change, thee change your environment or change your path.

Change is inevitable!

Be the change or be ‘in’ the change…

It’s up to you to figure out.

Stop judging your past, present and maybe even the future for a change.

Change is powerful than a pandemic or a nuclear weapon.

Change can change you the way you think about a change.

Sometimes ‘YOU’ are the problem, hence change and see that change in yourself to know if you have changed for good or bad.

Best regards,

Mr. Changed…

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