Hello, I could see a rain of thoughts on “How to choose the right web #hosting plan” on social media, guess this could help —

Cost-effective? or Service effective?

We have tons of “cheap” to “unrealistic” hosting plans with amazing speed. But don’t forget to check for the customer reviews about their services as it’s damn important. The host’s response time matters a lot, as none can wait for a day’s TAT in reality, when it comes to resolutions & solutions plus 24/7 chat support.

If you think the hosting plan cost is going to burn a hole in your pocket while opting for a 1 to 3-year subscription, then stop, why worry — just get a plan with a monthly payment option as you are getting this started for your internship project/Digital Marketing journey, right?

But if you are extremely real & serious about setting up your blog or an eCommerce site, still why worry just get a low-cost plan but with decent service support from any hosting platform. The hosting plan comes with a wide variety of monthly & yearly payments.

Don’t forget to buy your domain name before, as it’s as important as buying any property in Town!

So stop worrying too much about the hosting plan as you can change the Hosting plan anytime in the future, this is not like Marriage at least…

don't forget to buy a good bat before stepping out to bat! 
Just like that - How to choose the right web hosting plan

So don’t wait for your turn to ‘bat’, and realize that you forgot to buy a cricket ‘bat’!

PS: I have shared some options for you on the best hosting plans below, do click & surf

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