If you ask me – why do you travel 4hrs everyday to work and crash like a dead log on weekends.

The answer is = passion!

I chose something out of a wild interest. Then tried to nurture it into a profession.

Well you need cash to survive, right?

Finally when I figured out sales and marketing is what I love connecting with.

I just realised that I have been not trying to understand my passion before. Or maybe wasn’t allowing passion to find me first before that deadline. Maybe I was ignorant of my situation. And I was just going with someone’s flow. I was just present there in time at that moment. I didn’t have a vision nor a mission, well it’s not important though. But what is really important is to understand and figure out that ‘you are in this moment because you chose to and not because you are forced to’.

If you need an alarm clock to take you to work daily, then trust me I guess you must re-think about what’s happening with you now.

I was blind at times when my colleagues quit their 9-5 jobs and did something like freelancing and start-ups. Some even quit a fancy wealthy profession and joined a kindergarten school or an NGO.

Well my mother always says – “You will KNOW it only when You DO it”.

And now I exactly know what she was talking about.

I just did the same!

All this while I thought that, I was chasing PASSION, but yesterday in my thought process. I figured out that it’s actually the other way around. Passion was chasing me, trying to find me before.

Just think back with me now. Go back to your childhood then come back here – are you able to see it?

Your passion had already found you somewhere in the past – but No, you were too busy to realise that “she” found you.

You never gave HER time, you never asked why SHE found you, you didn’t even ask HER, who SHE was!

The Japanese saying goes — “The best time to DO IT was 10 years back, but the second best time to DO IT is NOW”.

If you just reached reading till here, then I want to tell you that I started giving HER more time now. Yeah, we finally got together and figured out that WRITING is also my PASSION!


So, are you going to at least talk to HER tonight?

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