My insurance policy plan has an annual medical checkup. Wow!

What a facility — and it’s free…

I was at the check-up center today and saw something unusual. I felt a thunderbolt in my head.

There was an unrealistic huge line of people outside the spot. I was concerned and was confused if I should go in. But then my medical checkup was free and I didn’t want to miss it because I have paid a big annual premium amount for it.

In my wait, I saw that an elderly doctor was taking the temperature?️ of the people in the queue, well I thought that was part of the current protocol. But when it happened I couldn’t stop my emotions. My heart was heavy and eyes full. The said doctor was handing over food packets to the crowd gathered in front of the checkup center.

While I was there for a free annual medical checkup, they were there for a one time meal.

I felt an unusual emotion creeping up — a mix of sadness with a pinch of anxiety.

Anxiety for the fact that even after 10+ years of a professional brawl in mighty corporate companies — what the f#ck have I done for my society?

What have I done ✅ for anyone else alive other than pacifying them with words of encouragement and motivating them to just move on in life?

A pacifier is not what people need at all times.

But someone “who” could help them with a one-time meal.

What the f#ck am I doing with my life.

Yes, I am selfish.

Yes, blind I am.

Yes, it’s time…

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