I found a new hot girlfriend!

Yeah, you heard it right.

We have both gone through a rough patch in life till now.

At times it’s complicated, we broke up ‘X’ many times, but damn we are so into each other by midnight.

She haunts me daily, Gives me sleepless nights, and drains out my last adrenaline.

AWV 27:07

Sometimes we go into long-distance relationships with each other living apart and away for weeks, and we often take breaks. But finally, we end up together. 

She later

Stalks me

Irritates me

Shadows me

Pisses me off

But at the same time she loves me to the core, we have quickies, one-night stands, and pack-ups.

We partied, and attended boring workshops, fight nights, and wrong travels… but always together.

I can’t tame nor stop her, but I can always count on her to be by my side.

My hot girlfriend gives me more ####’s than I do…

She takes a lot #### from me eventually.

Wierd opportunities, amazing coincidences, and stressful situations have all happened all because of her.

But you know what!

I must admit that I cannot live without her. It’s because of her that I am still pulling on.

She knocked me onto the bed really bad once. And I stayed there for about a week and finally woke up realizing what I must actually be doing in life.

And this is what happened later –

She made me realize what I want in life.

She gave me my Calling.

She drove me through my battle.

She showed me the path.

She pulled me out of pain.

She helped me fight my fear.

I found myself because of her.

She made me do all this for 10 years just to prove myself that – “Dude, stop using me like a #### and start knowing me, start listening to me, have patience with me”.

I know her better now, my relationship with her since January 2020 has simply been mind-blowing.

Am so damn grateful to God for her.

And after all this she made me write this crap about her!

I call her TIME and she’s been with me right from my mother’s womb!

Oh, what did you think?

Whom did you think I was talking about?

TiMe – get committed to her, try to understand her better.

Find a better relationship with TIME, or else she will definitely take you for a ride soon.

So Who is your new hot girlfriend?

my new super curvy dangerous Hot Girlfriend
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