I guess happiness is seeking you!

I am chasing my dream only because of you…

I don’t want to close my eyes, I never want to close my eyes, I will not close my eyes until I miss you.

It’s because of you that my dreams have always come true. I don’t know how to thank you. I don’t know what to do in return. Maybe this is destiny but I like to call it a “gift”.

Since you gave me adrenaline of love I can never stop trying, I can never stop running, I can never give up without a war.

And because of you, I understood that —

If you are running behind happiness, just look behind, happiness is just following you.

I know what is happening at your end, am not being ignorant. Maybe by June, everything will be set for us. Am working on that for sure, rest assured!

I set time for myself even without knowing if time has set a time for me in the first place.

I set goals for myself, even without knowing if those goals are really looking for me.

I move forward thinking that I am moving forward — it can even be backwards.

I think about targets without knowing if those targets are actually thinking about me.

I look up to the stars looking for my lost ones without thinking about the fact that they are really looking at me from up there.

I always believe that there is only one shot without even noticing if that shot is for me.

I go head-on without checking my tail.


So tell me, are you seeking that happiness?

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