She stormed into my life…

Taught me kindness.

Made me a better man.

The learning has been daily ever since.

She stole my eyes, Framed my heart, connected my brain cells, softened my language, trained my hands to rise only for a good cause, consoled my legs not to kick bad news.

She deleted the anger I never could control in life. I guess I get angry very easily otherwise.

I miss her every time I think of that year when she was away from me.

I always claim that am the best, my career is on the bull run, it’s growing massively, maybe not salary-wise but exposure-wise. I hustle every day and at times lose but win mostly. I feel unstoppable!

But when am with her, am just —

That kid who had millions of dreams.

That kid who only knew happiness.

That kid who had many crushes & girlfriends.

That kid who gets hit by thunderbolts.

That kid who wanted to kick like batman, have Lazer eyes like superman, swing off like spiderman, be a part of the TMNT, collect more G.I Joe toys, race like the F&F team, be an avenger, wear cool t-shirts and worn-out jeans, rap like Eminem, dance like Mike, play basketball like Jordan.

When they said that I can’t

When they said that I won’t

When they said that I don’t

She said I will…


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