The boy had a lost feeling, but couldn’t figure out why. He suddenly felt a gap in his life. What the heck was it? God to resolve.

“In life you will gain something, when you loose something, if you say No to pain, then it's a No to gain as well, is what I have figured out. To get new friends you will have to let go of some, hence be careful for what you wish for at times, (haha) only at times. Then why do you have to do this when you know that you will lose some. The truth is that, it's all the situation one is in, whether bad or sometimes too good to remember the past happiness, so you cannot really blame anyone for this. Now when a really good friend stops calling you without any reason, just understand that he needs help and who else can help him better than you, so why wait again, just pick up the phone and call, right now!"

His days ahead at school were quite blank like any other day. The same old story happening in black and white. The sense of not seeing GF-1 was killing his story. He wanted only a minute with her, just to tell her what he felt, just to tell her what he had experienced and just to know if she felt the same. But the yellow truth was that he couldn’t, as she was no more at school, she was gone, she went off like a tornado, plucking away his moment and leaving him behind with her thoughts. She is now in his history of mysteries.

He had a depression proof jacket on him, could be the prayers of his mother or because of his friends around. He had really good friends around him, boys with good values and morale. At that age of innocence, it’s too true to be wrong. The boys always kept him active, how? They played cricket, and that was the most played outdoor games in India in those days. This kept him occupied, slowly in the rush to hit a six and make a century he almost forgot about GF-1.

to recover from a fall, jump higher; to shoo-away breakups and depression take a deep nap and make a rebound, it’s not easy, try it to buy it!

From my verse 27:07

Rebound – it reminds me of my basketball game times at college. A rebound is the best way to score when you are blocked by more than one opponent. For the boy the game was her (GF-1), the opponents were the thoughts about her and the rebound just happened in the way it should be and he scored, a basket right there!

GF-2 was dusky, brown lips, skinny for her age, black short hair and really had a nerve of a cat, bit short-tempered though and she was one year older to him. His scene changed from black and white to colour frame. But this time not skipping a beat but felt being hit by a “thunderbolt”. Damn, what was it again? why was that feeling? why is the background turning pitch black again, not that god? The boy could relate the present scene with the scene he experienced with GF-1.

But this time he was cautious with curiosity, he didn’t want another pathway to the overwhelming verge of depression state. He saw her at the festival of his parish church, that was a real treat for sad eyes. The lighting around looks even better than the Eiffel tower, the best part was the small shacks lit up with flickering small kerosene lamps, it had everything a kid could probably wonder, right from minute simple toys to cotton candies. GF-2 wasn’t cuter nor was she looking like a teddy bear. But was a rebound, it really was, it really was a rebound for the boy, but he couldn’t figure that out yet. He glanced at her couple of times, but like all girls, she was extremely busy with the huge crowd around.

I mostly at times get really worked up and cautious if am with a girl in any huge crowd nowadays, as unlike those days it was much safer and one mostly has to worry about pick-pockets. But now in recent times… it’s almost every man’s nightmare and sometimes the lady’s too.

The boy was looking forward to meeting her someday, but something in his gut told him that he is going to meet her in 1,2,3 and boom the moment, their families knew each other (as in any Bollywood movie), well that was a coincidence in disguise for the boy. The boy wanted to say a “hello” to her, but no chance she was too busy with shopping, the typical girl he thought, he turned back and saw even his sister & mother were busy shopping too. He thought “why do these girls shop a lot and keep buying, no wonder these shacks were open till midnight until the girls go off to sleep, but I guess they even shop in their dreams, oh gosh!”

He then tried to get GF-2 attention a bit by a small hand wave, okay, well that didn’t work, she was too busy to notice. He then did something that should never be done to a girl. Kids right, little he knew. He gave her a small kick on her leg, and slash was the sound he heard, he heard a sound like a sword swing, ouch, he got a hit on his shoulder blade. And it felt like a bee sting, the boy thought that he fell off on the ground, but he figured out with his leftover consciousness that the girl had hit him back really hard. What the hell was that, was she a ninja or a karate kid?

Girls at times can hit you back really bad, so don’t play silly with them!

The boy was stunned at this, the funny part was that, lucky for him GF-2 dint yell out nor scream, phew! else the scene could have been terrible then. But that was weird, she didn’t say anything, one wack and that’s it. Okay, this is going to be interesting, the boy thought. Well, the boy didn’t make another move to get her attention as the day was already full of what he just got.

The boy’s thoughts were full again with questions yet empty for more, how can GF-2 not notice him even after that incident or was she actually acting as if she hasn’t seen him or was she purposely ignoring him or has she felt the same way he just felt for her, or is she blind, oh god?

So, ever got a ≤\thunder bolt

or a </rebound>?

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