Here is 27 must check top careers after Bcom in India!

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Well, coming back to the headline: The Top Careers After BCom in India, that I had encountered sometime in the past. Luckily, I took the advice of a few experienced sensible souls around me, hence this post might be helpful.

Unfortunately, if you are having sleepless nights in India especially answering people around as to what careers you were planning to do after completing a Bcom (Bachelor of Commerce) degree, don’t worry you are not alone. I have been in that trance too!

10 years back BCom was called “Below Common Sense”. Funny, seriously? 

That’s no joke man, its 3 years of cramming and achieving a beginner status. Bcom (being still a bachelor and on the way up to get married) truly is a step-up on the ladder hierarchy of the world’s highest-paying careers at least in India. More than the person who has completed the Bcom degree, it’s usually the people around him/her who are always curious to know what they are planning to do after Bcom? What career was he/she going to choose after BCom?

Well, before spotting options, what any BCom grad must know is – what is that you want ahead, obviously high salary, a mansion, a sports car, access to high profile clubs & so on…right?

So now you have 2 options – get all the fantasy mentioned above by loving what you do or still get all stated above by cribbing/sobbing/hating what you do!

Just listen to your beat and follow your heart first on this; don’t jump into any conclusions yet.

This is getting hotter so lets read on…

We are in 2020 a testing time and living with a pandemic still unknown to mankind, every day is a “hope of prayers that someone would find a cure soon”. Am sure you would have seen the viral news about people getting into the rat race of “up-skilling” and that, surprisingly even the topmost universities you have ever dreamt of getting an admission, has come up with paid and free online courses, live classes, workshops, certifications and even internships which one could finish at your own peace and pace.

This is all the pandemic effect, wherein even education is at a risk of survival.

Let’s face it: The fact is a majority of the employers are less looking for applicants from top universities, with high degrees but are looking for resources who have the ability/required skills/experience to scale up their business from day Zero because of the cost concern. So how do you fit into this?

Let’s do this, ready?

First, follow the two options written in blue above first, and then here are some dark tips to decode and identify your routeway after

a)     Step Zero: Before deciding to take up any course/certification program, find out what the job role it leads to next, salary, job responsibilities, working hours, growth ahead, global exposure, and most importantly what the network is like.

b)     Step One: Once you have rounded off and decided what career/course to pursue. Wait! Check for reviews about the course/certification, the institution/university credentials, faculty profile and you will be happy to see people’s ratings on your course as the best in industry and their success stories after completing that specific course you were planning for. Stop, take my advice on this – “be double careful before going ahead”. So now, how do you re-check the credentials or validity of their reviews?

Simple – use social media to track down those people and the faculty who has given high votes/great reviews on your course and get ready to stunned.

c)      Step Two: Finally, try to connect and find out people who have completed or are pursuing the course that you have decided to pursue using social media platforms. This would give you a genuine understanding of what you can really achieve.

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So, here you go with the list of top careers after BCom in India.

1.        Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Everyone’s personal favorite topic, try not to opt for a general plain MBA or a specialisation directly, rather do an MBA that covers/gives you exposure to maximum topics across industries. This is truly a one jump ticket into the banking industry. Just like the one mentioned below here.

Check out an MBA with global exposure and highest fee waiver if you use this unique referral code – ANTO585

2.        Chartered Accountancy (CA).

This course should be noted as demand/supply patience testing  time. But the outcome of this course is that you have options overloaded – start a firm solely,  partner with other CA firms, Consulting, advisor, get in to big firms and wow!

3.        Company Secretary.

Most of them ignore this course as its again patience-testing like CA and the opportunities are similar to a CA. In fact, the difference is that this course has more to do with setting up a company/LLP firm.

4.        Master of Commerce (M.Com)

Haven’t heard anyone talking about this course since 2009 as its almost history, because this is an upgraded version of BCom, the job roles here are limited to little.

5.        Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)

It is stated as the highest level of international legal and regulatory recognition of finance-related qualifications. The Chartered Financial Analyst Program is a PG professional qualification offered internationally by the American-based CFA Institute to investment and financial professionals. This has a global recognition when compared to CA and is considered as the gold standard of professional credentials in the global investment community so far.

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6.        Business Accounting and Taxation.

Buy the name itself this program is intensive and designed by Industry experts with a focus to help anyone become an Industry-ready accounting professional. It only requires a logical mind and a bit wide knowledge about accounting & latest taxation process if you follow and like accounting practice. 

7.        Certified Management Accountant.

This is globally recognized with a special object on corporate finance and management accounting. Certified Management Accountant is again a professional certification in management accounting and financial management fields. The certification states that the person possesses knowledge in the areas of financial planning, fin analysis, fin control, have the ability for decision support and has professional ethics in this regard.

8.        Certified Public Accounting.

Certified Public Accountant is a qualification in accounting again globally. It is parallel to the chartered accountant profession in India. In the US, the CPA is a license to provide accounting services to anyone.

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9.   Certified Financial Risk Manager.

The name speaks for itself, the job roles available are:-

  • Enterprise Risk Management.
  • Financial Risk Analyst/ Manager.
  • Investment Banking.
  • Stock Trading.
  • Wealth Management.
  • Investment Officer/ Asset Manager.
  • Corporate Compliance.
  • Audit.
10.      Integrated Financial Resource Management.

Stated as a framework to actively manage the “core” financial resources of capital, liquidity, revenues, costs and risks all at the same time. And is a rapidly growing profile in the banking industry, find out more?

11.      Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA)

This is a professional membership body for chartered certified accountants globally any BCom grad could shoot at. This qualification is a membership requirement, that specific Ex-Big Corporate companies or MNC’s ask for working in accountancy related roles globally.

Some relevant job roles available are:-

  •              Auditor-Internal
  •              Accountant Forensic
  •              Officer-Compliance
  •              Chief Financial Officer
  •              Business Analyst
  •              Adviser Business Hack
  •              Risk Manager
  •              Treasurer
  •              Financial Analyst
12.      Certified Financial Planner (CFP).

This is an amazing profession and gives you the freedom of choice again just like CA does. The difference is you will be an authorised financial planner/advisor for individuals or large corporate. But this certification has a global value.

13.  Certificate in Investment Banking.

This is an expert and advanced level course in the path of investment banking. WW

14.  Bachelor of Education (B.Ed)/ Teaching/Trainer/Soft Skills Training at corporate channels/Social Work.

B.Ed, short for Bachelor of Education, is an undergraduate programme that one can pursue if he/she has a passion for teaching. It is a 2-year long programme that includes theoretical sessions as well as practical sessions in simulated and real-life classrooms. Completion of a bachelors programme in any stream is a prerequisite for applying for a B.Ed programme.

After completing B.Ed successfully, one can apply for teaching jobs in schools or work online on teaching platforms. It is to be noted that B.Ed gives the eligibility to teach high school students and not college students.  In order to teach college students, one must have completed M.Ed after B.ed and successfully passed the NET exam. This makes a person eligible for teaching B.Ed subjects in Teacher Training colleges.

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15.  Learn Digital Marketing (Use referral code – ANTO585)

My favourite subject to click on and a bang on career after BCom especially in India. The simple definition like everyone says would be this is marketing digitally. Well but this profession is amazing as you learn more, explore more and discover more when you dive deeper. There are a million courses out there to get you job-ready but beware of less beneficial courses. Take free introduction courses by exploring the web, yet the correct way to learn it is by joining an internship for sure. To this, there are humongous opportunities like:-

  • Digital Marketing Manager/Specialist/Executive
  • Search Engine Optimizer
  • Digital Project Manager
  • Content Marketing Manager
  • Social Media Marketing Specialist
  • Paid Per Click Ads Expert
  • SEO Content Writer
  • Web Site Developer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Infograms Expert
  • UI/UX expert

And the best of all make your entry as a blogger and into the world of ecommerce. Very happening isn’t it?

16.   Financial Modelling.

Financial modelling is an architectural skill to build a mirage of a real-world financial scenario. This sounds like a math model constructed to represent the performance of a financial asset or portfolio of a business/company, real-time project, or any other financial investment.

17.  SAP.

This is nothing but an enterprise resource planning system software and the world’s leading provider of business software solutions and data processing platform. SAP is the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) backbone & lifeline system that enables to integrate all the existing modules in an organisation. It is a hybrid cloud model that can be induced into connecting any organisational structure across any industry.

Some the job profile variants that can be looked into are:-

  • SD-SAP (Sales and Distribution)
  • WM-SAP (Warehouse Management)
  • QM-SAP (Quality Management)
  • LIS-SAP (Logistics Information System)
  • HR-SAP (Human Resources)
  • Treasury Integration via SAP
  • SAP for Banking/Insurance
  • SAP for Ecommerce
  • CRM SAP (Customer Relationship Management)
  • SAP FICO (Financial Accounting and Controlling)
18. Logistics, Inventory, Warehousing and Supply Chain Management.

This supports big time in the world of eCommerce and end to end B2B, B2C deals.

19. Project Management/Project Management.

Another very interesting versatile, brainstorming, self-challenging, rapid growing, high risk, high pay, high profile and very realistically highly responsible role. Why so it’s in the name itself, well here the pathway is tough but very fruitful.

20. Chartered Wealth Manager.

This is a professional designation issued by the Global Academy of Finance and Management (GAFM). The certification is intended to state that the holder is qualified to advise, evaluate, analyse and has in-depth knowledge about the wealth-generating products in the investments world.

21. Business Analyst.

Business analytics is the process of collecting, sorting, processing, and studying raw business data, and using statistical models, graphs to prove and project insights if a process or a method can give optimum results for any business.

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22. Advertising Courses. (get out of here & don’t even think about this as Google & FB Ads are the next thing in advertising learn the know-how via digital Marketing)

23. PG/PGDM/Diploma in Banking And Financial Services.

Well, this is a piece of add-on information in the banking sector, but a fresher can still apply after completing Bcom without further qualification via public recruitment tests/interviews in the banking industry as there are loads of options for newcomers.

24. Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Salesforce CRM & Cloud Computing Professional.

25. FreeLancer for more free time.

This is an amazing 100% satisfactory No boss job/career, you might struggle a lot in the beginning years, well who doesn’t?

There is a universe of options in freelancing, even your hobby can be converted into a high paying profession, eg: photography, language teaching, soft-skills training, painting/drawing, service assistant, Consulting/advisory, etc…

26. Data Science/Data Analytics. (Use referral code – ANTO585)

In the first place, this is an exotic way of pulling out knowledge and insights from structural and raw unstructured via scientific methods, complex processes, algorithms, math tools and systems. Data science connects to data mining, machine learning and big data.


Am a diehard fan of this, try building up an online store, sell products or services – digitally or physical goods. Drop-shipping, Affiliate or Discover a high demand yielding product and promote selling it. Ride, Earn, and Party Life…

Figure out “the you-inside-you” first before jumping into all this!

TALENT + PASSION = Profession? Entrepreneurship?

Watch this space for more information on certain careers after BCom in India, as I haven’t completed this much yet, because of a conflict in content. But I believe this would help you a small step ahead.

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To every grad out there “Remember the power is yours”

Capt. Planet

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